Do you want to feel better? Better prepared to meet the challenges of life?

We cannot always control what happens to us, however we can control how we respond to events. This is key to enjoying the ups, and mastering the downs of life. Let me help you discover and expand your natural ability not only to cope with adversity but to thrive, regardless of the circumstances in your life.



Adoption is a complex, lifelong experience that affects every family member involved. As a reunited adopted person and a biological and adoptive mom myself, I bring a unique perspective along with professional training to help you deal with the issues that arise in your experience within the adoption circle.


Health & Wellness

Health problems are distressing and disrupting, whether they are short lived or chronic. Reacting with fear, anxiety, sadness, depression, frustration, anger, helplessness, grief and difficulty coping are very common and only make it worse. Let me help you come to terms with your situation, build confidence in your ability to adapt and learn to thrive.


Life Transitions

Whatever the transition you are facing - relationships, loss and grief, health, stage of life, family - let me help you make sense of it and guide you through the complexities and difficulties you may be facing as you adjust to a new reality. Gain mastery of your life - whatever happens next.


Stress Management


Catherine Moore

Registered Clinical Counsellor

Years of professional training and life experience helps me help you identify your challenges, find solutions to the problems they create for you and use them as a springboard to enhance well-being in body and mind. My background in Buddhist practices of mindfulness and meditation and my graduate training in cognitive-behavioural, mindfulness and somatic therapies provides you with a comprehensive, scientifically validated and highly effective approach to making positive long-lasting changes that can transform your quality of life. If you want to improve how you feel and learn how to respond more effectively and less painfully to the challenges in your life, then I invite you to contact me. I have so much to offer you professionally and I know you have so much to bring to your world – let’s work together to ensure that you feel better, and are better prepared to take advantage of all the gifts and strengths you possess.

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